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Press Releases

August 23 2007 – DBTB Condemns Censorship of by Turkey

Press Release August 23 2007 (PDF)

June 5th 2007 – Pakistan Government Issues Further Orders to Control the Internet in Pakistan

Press Release 5th June 2007 (PDF)

March 6th 2007 – Pakistan Accidentally Blocks Millions of Websites In a Fumbled Censorship Filter

Press Release 6th March 2007 (PDF)

March 4th 2007 – DBTB Continues to Fight Pakistan’s Internet Blockade at 1st Year Anniversary

Press Release 4th March 2007 (PDF)

Feb 3rd 2007 – ALERT! Pakistani Bloggers Should Not Upgrade To Blogger Beta – Press Release

DBTB Alert Press Release – 3rd Feb 2007 (PDF)

Sept 4th 2006 – Government Forms Committee to Block Websites in Pakistan – Press Release

Society Against Censorship in Pakistan – Press Release 4th Sept

May 6th 2006 – Blogspot Appears to be Banned again in Pakistan – Press Release

Press Release 6th May – Blogspot Appears to be Banned again in Pakistan

May 4th 2006 – Blanket Blogspot Ban Lifted – Press Release

Press Release 4th May – Blogspot Ban Lifted

March 31st 2006 – Wikipedia Block – Press Release

Press Release – Wikipedia Blocked in Pakistan

March 4th 2006 – Blocking of Blogs – Press Release

Press Release Don’t Block the Blog


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