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August 21, 2007

Turkey Blocks Hosted Blogs

Adnan Oktar - TurkeyCross Posted at Teeth Maestro: A few months back in March there was a huge circus surrounding the decision by the Turkish government to block the entire YouTube website as it hosted a video which according to the official government statement was insulting Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey. Unsurprisingly the same, modern Turkey was now up in arms protesting this blatant censorship and the hue can cry bore fruit as in two days the local court lifted the embargo.

Recently in yet another astonishing move, the new Turkish Pro-Islamic Government has now decided to clamp down on all blogs hosted on and also on since one specific site had hurled insulting remarks against Adnan Oktar, a leading Muslim advocate of creationism who is an active leader in the creation vs. evolution debate subscribing to the Old Earth Creationism concept read more details on his Wikipedia article, but if you care to read a counter-perspective where Adnan Oktar is accused of pedophile acts, blackmail and slander, and leading a sect under the guise of the Science Research Foundation then read this article probably composed by his opposition its good to understand and appreciate both sides of an argument before making any assumptions or taking sides

For Pakistanis the censorship issue is nothing new and is like watching history repeat itself, for the record in 2006 our own government banned the entire blogspot domain simply because one blog hosted on a sub-domain on the site hosted controversial cartoon images of Prophet Muhammed, the out lash by our local Islamic Leadership led the supreme court to block millions of websites on the entire domain to the people of Pakistan. We objected to the censorship not on whether the images were right or not but more so on the issue of free speech and continued to urge our government to show restraint and let our people decide.

Some confusing signals are emerging from turkey, with some claiming that the ban is in effect while a few bloggers claim its been ordered to be lifted. Whatever may be the condition, I would like to show my support to the Turkish people and protest against any form of censorship as a convincing argument must be put forth to the bureaucracy that censorship itself does not solve the problem, the government cannot punish millions of innocent Turkish internet users simply for no fault of one their own.

Governments have to understand that pointing out the bad wolf in a bunch of sheep only attracts more attention ti the issue which would have generally would have traversed an noticed course to dies its own death.

Pakistanis fully support the Turkish people in their struggle for a free and unrestricted Internet

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  1. Mideast Youth | Aug 22, 2007 | Reply

    Hello, this is also a petition about it, please consider signing and linking to it so that we can send it to the Turkish authorities asap:

  2. | Mar 29, 2012 | Reply

    It’s incredible! We have a blog on art issues on blogspot and so we can be erased from a country only because e different blog on the same network has some kinds of problem?

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