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February 13, 2007 faces potential Libel Suit

Mahmood Tv CensoredIf you recall a few months back we had reported that was blocked by the Bahraini Government since he was instrumental in exposing the Jamal Dawood scandal. This time around he has continued to be vocal yet again hitting hard at the Minister of Municipalities and Agriculture in Bahrain for his involvement in a number of corrupt schemes (First Ministerial Brainfart of the Season). Mahmood remains a very outspoken blogger from Bahrain who chooses to speak the truth this time around it seems that the Agriculture Minister plans to take him to court for his posts despite the fact that Mahmood has repeatedly complied to edit the offending article.

Libel Suit Going Ahead: Unfortunately the mediation between the minister of municipalities and agriculture and myself to resolve the dispute and perceived libel has not been successful. I have demonstrated my good will over the last few days by amending the original article, but that it seems is not enough for the right honorable gentleman. The minister wants to pursue his legal right and extract his pound of flesh. I re-iterate that I do not believe what I published was libelous in any way. The intention was never to besmirch his person, but rather I was criticizing his ministry, an executive body which not only should accept criticism, but also welcome and encourage it with open arms. He now wants to take me to court. So be it. —

Later in the day Bahrain Journalist Association also supported Mahmood and condemned the Minister for reneging on an agreement with Mahmood which was being negotiated by Adel Marzooq (Arabic blog)

We at Don’t Block the Blog truly support Mahmood in this ongoing battle and wish him a safe and peacful solution against the corrupt, if any.

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