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January 31, 2007

DBTB – Update

As the blanket ban on blogspot is still persisting after many months, Don’t Block The Blog (DBTB) team would like to remind and recommend Pakistani bloggers that to ensure your continue to have a voice in the blogging community, it is essential that you now choose alternative venues for hosting your respective blogs other than (

It has become apparent that even with by-pass proxy solutions available for Pakistani blogspot bloggers, it is at times difficult to post to blogs and additionally, even commenting on blogspot blogs has become a problem for internet users in Pakistan. The new beta version at blogger ( has not solved the problem for most bloggers, but has made the process of blogging even more tedious according to the feedback we have received from many bloggers.

DBTB strongly suggests, that all Pakistan based blogspot bloggers, please switch to other prominent alternatives such as wordpress, typepad or livejournal. We recommend these alternatives so that those affected by the blogspot ban continue to blog via alternative means, and the viewership for each respective blog does not diminish over time.

That said, let us make one thing very clear, we at DBTB will continue to fight against and highlight the issue of the unfair blanket blogspot ban. We still believe that it serves no other purpose other than hindering the freedom of expression for Pakistani bloggers.

Our main aim shall always remain to support and promote the cause of freedom of speech and expression, specifically on the internet considering the global political climate, for not just Pakistani but international bloggers.

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