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November 7, 2006

ACT NOW! 24 Hours Against Internet Censorship

RSF Click nowReporters Without Borders have started its online protest. The Internet is increasingly falling prey to censorship round the world. The 13 “Enemies of the Internet” are blocking access to news which displeases them and imprisoning bloggers who express themselves too freely. Join the campaign now to defend the right of all of us to freedom of expression.

There are three ways to participate in this 24 hour campaign

  • Vote against the Enemies of Internet by clicking on the Internet Black Holes
  • Record your message for Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang to protest Yahoo!’s collaboration with the Chinese Govt
  • Join the RSF Blog to fight for freedom of expression on the Internet

Proceed to the 24-hour Online Protest by RSF and Condemn Internet Censorship Forever

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