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October 30, 2006

Mahmood TV Blog Blocked in Bahrain

Mahmood Tv CensoredPakistanis don’t need to be told how much it can hurt to be at the receiving end of a censorship on their own blog, we sadly have had a massive blockade on the entire cordoning off more then 10 million blogs for over 11 months and counting. Its sad to note that a few days back a very brilliant and outspoken blogger from Bahrain has been blocked by his own government accsuing him of “defamation of the person of the king and royal family members.” (press law no. 47, passed in 2002)

Mahmood suggests that all the sites blocked are ones that published information on “the Jamal Dawood scandal”. Dawood is the head of Press and Publication for the Bahrani government and has been involved with part plans to order all Bahrani bloggers to register their online presences. He’s evidently implicated in “Bandargate“, a scandal named after Salah al-Bandar, the Sudanese/British author of a report that documents attempts to rig parliamentary elections in favor of the Sunni minority.

Personally I think this is just the starting tip of the ice berg when Governments will slowly exercise force to clamp and shut down irritating journalist landing them with one excuse or another. A number of poeple have joined hands to condemn this censorship and I plead you to sign this petition to protest this ban

On behalf of all Pakistani bloggers we would like to join hands with Mahmood Al-Yousif and protest against the censorship of his blog. I also feel that it is all the more reason when events like this in Bahrain or in Greece where I then feel the urge to step up my efforts to take Don’t Block the Blog from a Pakistan centric organisation to become a more global platform, condemning all forms of censorship anywhere in the world (am seriously looking for volunteers who would be willing to help jointly develop such a platform)

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