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October 1, 2006

Pkblogs & Inblogs temporarily down

On Saturday 30th of September the Pakistani blogging community suddenly woke up to see that both proxy servers Pkblogs and Inblogs were out of commission and displayed a server error on their page.

When the Don’t Block the Blog team immediately contacted the owners of domains (Yasir and Naveed Memon) and were told that it was a server error as their previous host suddenly pulled the plug on them, Naveed assured us that the sites will be back online soon as they had already initiated DNS changes which do take a may take a few hours to propagate through the Internet

As we write this this report the Sunday 1st October 11:00 pm (PST) the servers are still down and will post any progress as it develops.

UPDATE: Pkblogs and Inblogs have returned back online Oct 2nd 1:00pm (PST) – Blog Away

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