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September 3, 2006

Committee Formed to Block Websites

Sept 2nd 2006, The Government of Pakistan has dealt yet another severe blow to the Internet community in Pakistan, as it has now created a body constituted by the Ministry of Information Technology which would examine contents of websites reported or found to be offensive or containing anti-state material and block them off in Pakistan.

It is sad that instead of helping promote the progressive growth of the Internet in Pakistan, the government is choosing to go the opposite direction and slowly creating hurdles upon hurdles in the progressive path of Pakistan. With such a worsening situation of blocking easy access to information technology how can we as a nation compete against the Internet giants around the world.

We at Don’t Block the Blog feel that censorship alone can not and will not stop the problem, its the wrong method to solve the problem. Let the people decide what content they would like to see, a strict control only promotes a negative culture does not stop it

Body set up to block websites – DAWN 3rd Sept 2006

Press Release

Society Against Censorship in Pakistan – Press Release 4th Sept

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  1. Gum Nam | Nov 1, 2006 | Reply

    Strangely, all US military [*.mil] sites also seem to be blocked in Pakistan. Can someone do something about it.

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