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August 20, 2006

WordPress Codex Site Blocked

In another astonishing move by the Government of Pakistan it appears that the website where exists the help and documentation files of the ever popular Content Management System – WordPress have been blocked for all users and developers in Pakistan. This can be considered as a severe blow to the promotion of the IT industry in Pakistan.

See the traceroute indicating the blocked situation Traceroute for Codex.Wordpress.Org

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  1. Shahzad Khan | Aug 27, 2006 | Reply

    That is sad, we all can see, where Pakistan is headed, I mean, all these odd politians need a break, and should realize what to do and what to do, censorship on the internet should be a complete ‘No’ but damn we need a vast resource of energy to convince them that…pathetics.

    They blocked the codex…haha, what a shame !

    Then if someone hasn’t noticed yet, the whole of .tk domains have been blocked, atleast I donot see them working except for the site itself, it’s some what in accesible :(…
    some one should show them the right path !

    I cannot even access my blog through the short url :, though it works fine on the norma URL.

    I would urge you to also take a stand against it.



  2. A Pakistani | Sep 29, 2006 | Reply

    This is Very Said, I can not open even a single website relating to .tk, I dont know why the Govt. is doing so but… they really disappointed me , as my own website was on .tk domain and now its not opening to me.

  3. Usman | Nov 14, 2006 | Reply

    Exactly, from the start of August 2006, i wasnt able to open up any of my sites, however, when i asked my ISP (WorldCALL Go4B) they just noted my complain and that is it!!! they did’nt even tell me about this block thing. How LAME of the government to block Dot.TK domains!!! like WAT sort of beneficial is it? Pakistan got any issues with Tokleau? i dont know atleast!! but whoever implemented this, IS A REALLY SICK SON OF A *****

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