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July 18, 2006

Blogs banned in India

(July 18th, 2006) – Update: It seems that the authorities in India have also decided to enforce a blanket ban on Indian blogs. The Don’t Block The Blog team strongly support the rights of all Indian bloggers and the cause of free speech. The concerned authorities should lift this unfair ban as it cannot be credibly justified under the rationale of “national security”.

Indian (and Pakistani) authorities have set a very wrong precedent in setting up these unfair bans, and we at DBTB believe that this at outright infringement of basic right to free speech.

Information regarding the ban is provided below by Neha Vishwanathan (South Asia Editor of Global Voices Online):

“Over the last few days it has become apparent that the Indian Government through directives, has been ordering ISPs in India to block access to certain websites. According to both mainstream media and sources from within the Government, the list of blocked websites runs into 22 pages. The list has not been made public officially.

Nobody was told why websites were being blocked. However, as of now – the block appears to be a blanket ban on accessing the following domains –, and It is believed the government believes that some of the websites contain material that may threaten national security. Most bloggers find this unlikely.

Indian Bloggers have come together as Bloggers Collective, and are collaborating to disseminate information on circumventing the block to ensure people can continue to publish to their blogs and read them. They are also hoping to make the issue more visible by appealing to the government and ensuring coverage by the Press. If need be, perhaps legal measures could be adopted.”

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