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May 29, 2006

Blogspot Unblocked! (again)

(May 29th, 2006 – 12:30) Through several credible sources (bloggers in Pakistan), we are able to confirm that the blanket domain ban has been lifted and the blogspot blogs are accessible for the internet audience in Pakistan.

We do not currently know if the lifting of this ban is temporary, as we have previously experienced the lifting of the blogspot ban which turned out to be rather short lived. No official word has been issued by the concerned authorities (as yet) regarding this current move. We, along with all Pakistani (and International) bloggers and internet free speech supporters hope that this current lifting of the ban turns out to be permanent.

A sample traceroute enclosed….

05/29/06 12:24:23 Fast traceroute

Trace ( …
No Response * * *
* * * * 24ms 24ms 24ms TTL: 0 (No rDNS)
* * * * 9 24ms 25ms 24ms TTL: 0 (No rDNS) 24ms 25ms 24ms TTL: 0 (No rDNS) 188ms 190ms 188ms TTL: 0 ( probable bogus rDNS: No DNS) 185ms 187ms 186ms TTL: 0 ( probable bogus rDNS: No DNS) 186ms 185ms 186ms TTL: 0 (No rDNS) 186ms 187ms 186ms TTL: 0 (No rDNS) 262ms 260ms 278ms TTL: 0 (No rDNS) 273ms 284ms 267ms TTL: 0 (No rDNS) 268ms 285ms 289ms TTL: 0 (No rDNS) 282ms 297ms 281ms TTL: 0 (No rDNS) 283ms 284ms 281ms TTL: 0 (No rDNS) 330ms 328ms 330ms TTL: 0 (No rDNS) 338ms 332ms 329ms TTL: 0 (No rDNS) 332ms 328ms 329ms TTL: 0 (No rDNS) 340ms 335ms 329ms TTL: 0 (No rDNS) 333ms 330ms 330ms TTL:242 (No rDNS)

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  1. Michael | Jun 21, 2006 | Reply

    it has been blocked by administrator

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